Behind the Lens

I'm a math nerd turned homsechool mom turned family photographer, and sometimes I'm still all three at once! My perspective for portraits is driven by an affinity for understated elegance, having experienced first hand that less is often times more, and that love has the most oppotunity to blossom in organic circumstances.

about me

I'm Sanny

I am a follower of Jesus, wife to Matt and mama to my four (not so little) loves while residing in Pleasant Hill, CA.  I am passionate about living with intention and without pretense, and translating that into the artwork that I create for your family.

Film has become my photographic medium of choice simply because it allows me to produce work that is consistent with my approach to life. It forces me to contemplate each click of the shutter and to compose the scene carefully, which ultimately, makes me a better storyteller!. I have fallen in love with this process and the return to a slower, more thoughtful way of creating art via my camera! 

When not putting together beautiful galleries for my clients, you can find me homeschooling my kids, dreaming up of the next family adventure to pitch to my husband, or cooking up a storm in my kitchen! 

Lover of nature and light, afternoon naps, and hearty homemade meals. 


my favorite things:


places i've been

The eastern shore in Lake Tahoe will always have a special place in my heart. It is a view that simultaneously conjures peace and awe within me. I can never get enough of it.


guilty pleasure

Boba milk tea. No question about! My kids know now just to gift me Boba Guys gift cards for special occasions. 



Al fresco meals on a warm summer night, lingering conversation, and the laughter of children in the background.



I love colorful meals prepared with quality, fresh ingredients. Bonus if if there's a glass of sangria to go with it!



This guy. My husband, Matt. No one makes me laugh harder or is a better confidante. He is the kind of man that I hope my boys will emulate and that I hope my daughter will marry.


part of my job

Filling my client's gallery with genuine, candid images that I know will make them smile!

about you

For families who want to capture the all the little details that make this season in life so beautiful...

If you have any number of little ones underfoot, life can get pretty chaotic. (If not, we need to talk!) But let's admit it, we wouldn't have it any other way. Parenting is just about the hardest thing and the most wonderful thing we've ever done, and it deserves to be celebrated! 

Let's put aside for a moment the notion of traditional, posed photos, and instead, imagine a time of having a picnic on the grass or going for a walk at a beautiful park, and having me along to capture those moments for you. I absolutely love to document your child's little hand holding yours, their squeals and giggles as you toss them up in the air, and their floppy hugs as they melt into your arms. Let's put those precious moments into a tangible photo so that when they are older, they will have a keepsake of their family who loved them so well all along.

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.


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